Pod’s Shoot


Pod’s Shoot


We spot the cardinal sins

Of whispering thoughts across the tides;

Backpacked hopes astride struggling horses,

Amassing to the tsunami horizon.

To the East a little girl cries out

For her mother.

Her tears grow so large

A reflection can be seen;

A beach empty of life and

Full of broken families.

The By-stander helps no one;

Instead, patience is a virtue

And time will heal all things.

But despair and love hold hands

With struggle and wait.

Day by day, Hour by hour,

I witness everything

Whither to nothing,

Yet, death sprouts new pods,

Seeds of truth, like a ship

sailing and disappearing

beyond the whirlpool

threatening to engulf

the animal strength,

capsizing their future.

To the West a man finds solace

In his own death.

His bath tub overflows with pink tendrils

Seeking freedom.

On the surface of this flood,

A reflection can be seen;

His son, too young to bear witness

And too old to understand

That he is alone.


We do nothing even-Now-

And by degrees of separation

I want to intervene, to help. I can not.

Many people lack empathy.

Suffering seems endless.


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