Rice Field

Rice Field

Nylons fuse to my legs, a second skin, the color of caramel cubes.

My gut grumbles and I know I’m hungry.

Will anyone find me? Hide and seek moves so slowly.

I feel pleasantly pruned, standing in water up to knees.

Some…things slither over my feet, trying to suck on my toes.

They slide off so easily.

Mentally I thanked Nanay for the nylons.

They’re leeches.

A last thought as my eyes water from

Staring at the slugs moving slowly, warped by the foggy water;

Listening to fish splash wildly, blending the water;

Blue torpedoes pass by my knees and I zone out,

fishies playing.

Blinking wildly, I hear someone laughing, more splashing.

“TAG, you’re it Ate!”



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