Footprints in the Sand

Have you ever wondered about the dusk,

Catch yourself staring at the reddening twilight,

Sitting on the shore of a beach so empty,

You think, can this be real?

And when the sun takes its dip in the sea

You catch the purple burning

of the ocean as it changes colors.

And you watch the sunset as stars begin to appear,

And wonder why the sky is still bright blue.

There’s an in-between there,

As though all of time has stopped,

Like that second when you can’t inhale until you exhale,

Like when darkness encompasses your world

in the spell of a blink.

No one remembers these moments until

they find themselves


All dimensions.

Somehow, you are forgotten in the vastness of

Waves dragging sand back to their bed.

And when you stop wondering, it’s because

You woke up.

You remembered the hypnosis,

You heard the stubborn waves,

like an alarm clock,

like a faucet dripping water until you’ve listened so intently

that your mind turned up the volume.

In that moment, your blink is complete.

And all you see now are your footprints in the sand.


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