To Build a Star

I build a star from infinite

power sources:

Earth and Air, Fire and Water

Love and Hate, Mind and Space.

I mix it all together

and toss it into a storm,

so it all rains down like

sky blue pollen,

Implanting themselves in

women’s’ pupils, transforming them

into cat-like irises;

digging themselves into dead

bodies of men,

changing them into lizards,

praised for their healing abilities.

I construct the star from

morals and family, imperfections,

mortal-equal(ity) and the

sum of all memory.

I stir them together and

bake them into golden snowflakes,

ready to nourish the fetus in

the immortal womb and

absorb the blood from bleeding gums.

Leftovers I use for crunchy brownies,

so rich, I cannot help but pass them

around to the stubborn and hungry,

to the cancer victims and

survivors of self-destruction.

I create this star from

constant meditation,

short breaths,

sacrificial conversation and sweat.

I collect all this and ground it into

dust, so minuscule they become



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