Don’t rock your brain while you train
To be lighter, to be the best fighter.
You’re fixed on movement as you train,
Fluidity makes you lighter.
Jaw clenching your mouth guard, brain
focused on steady breath so you can be the best fighter.


She feels the pain as she trains,
muscles burning and sweat stinging
her eyes. Feeling powerful as she trains,
like the wind pounding and resounding
in her ears. Making gains through her pains,
she begins exploding as she’s floating
on the mist left by her fists.


His muscles feel the hustle
as he flurries through his pains;
A fighter burning lighter
as he stings and strains and trains;
To be the kind of fighter
who makes gains through all his pains;
pounding the wind with astounding
chagrin, as his brain feels the strain
of exploding through his fists
and floating on the mists
of his spiritual abyss.


Through this tough abyss
he feels the power of his fists
as he fights through all the mist.

She knows the pain in all his strain,
because she trains and she gains;
from his shadow she maintains
illusions of the wins,
as she wrestles with her sins.

You feel the power as he stings,
feel his spirits ring
as he achieves through all his deeds,
and accepts the explosive call
of the metaphysical.


You see the wins she gained through pain.
Hear her flurries in the rain
as her fists scream with strain,
as she learns to be a fighter;
You expect him right beside her,
teaching her a fighter
can feel the true sting of penance
if you can only achieve


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