Stop Pretending

As the years pass by without mercy to life experiences,
I pretend not to notice the subtle aging.
The questions in my eyes, I once thought had answers,
remain permanent as I live
to witness history repeat itself.
You would think after confusion and lies resulting
in an unjustified war, we could change our path
and focus on progress.
The Path to
personal growth,
unified growth,
innate freedoms without judgment.

There are so many answers we already know,
still, they get ignored.
Is Peace that much harder to attain than War?
War is a business. War is easy.
War is greed.
Our son’s and daughter’s die.
Their son’s and daughter’s die.
Because we are pawns in a profit game
called greed.
The ones that survive know what hate is.
They know violence. It haunts them,
follows them like a shadow.
Interrupting their chances at peace and happiness.

Broken promises for violent truths.
By choice, always.
Deliberately, absolutely.
Profit before Compassion,
Numbers before Safety,
Imagined security before creative freedom.

As the years pass by without mercy to life experiences,
I pretend not to notice the hypocrisy.
You say racism is gone.
US turns away refugees at the start of World War II.
Eventually, when the US was finally convinced to get
involved…after countless deaths…refugees were finally
accepted as people, real people that were in need.
Racial discontent is spawning again, out of fear.
WHY are you afraid of
Babies, children, women, grandma, grandpa;
the sick, hungry, poor, hurt, disabled and helpless.
What do you think refugees are?
and remember they are human and cry like us,
They are people asking for a chance to survive,
To live in peace.
Is this not what you want as a human being?

You say sexism is gone.
Thank you, suffragettes, for your struggle.
Thank you first-wave, second-wave, all-wave
feminist for your fighting spirit.
Sexism is not gone. Women today,
oh so respected, told to our faces that we
Are treated as equal to men.
Yet, equal pay for equal work is something
men still laugh at.
When will women stand together and
scream at the top of our lungs-
Fair is fair!
Better yet, when will the men learn to
respect us by actually Listening.
You say classism is gone.
Then why are private sectors infringing on
to have access to a fulfilling education?!
Instead devious, arrogant and ignorant adults are
ensuring textbooks omit important
facts about our history.
What gives them the right to take away
certain knowledge from our future generations?
The truth.
Knowledge is power
Knowledge is power

knowledge, kids, is power.
Read everything.
Think critically.

We all know why.
We are pawns in the game of greed.
Keep us ignorant.
Keep us scared.
Keep us stupid.
Make us feel like we are out of our element
when we attempt
higher education,
small business,
a long-term career.
Our own personal ideas of success are
a joke to the upper echelons of

Instead, they have blamed debt on the poor,
because they need help to eat.
Or they blame debt on college students,
because they wanted a quality education.
Or they blame debt on the single working parent
who needs help to feed and shelter their children;
because a full-time job at minimum wage is not
Instead, we all get told to get another job,
don’t sleep,
don’t eat,
don’t follow your dreams,
do not pass go and stay on your side of tracks.

As the years pass by without mercy to life experiences,
I pretend not to notice the truth.
That being thoughtful, compassionate and
accepting will get you farther
in life than you ever expected.
small rebellions can revolutionize
Mother’s lamentations can change the hearts of
Nature’s dying breaths can open the eyes of


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