A Lifetime In Handcuffs

A lifetime spent in handcuffs
is the inevitable result of the first golden glint in the eyes of a man
sinking in a pool of his own blood-soaked sand,
thinking his grin from ear to ear
stems from genuine prosperity.

The glint in his eyes
is but a short-term disguise
for the irrational smile that represents a mere
fallacy, he knows deep down that it has trapped us in austerity.

The measures were enacted for generations to come,
as the golden glint spread, each time leaving crumbs
that lead to the sinkhole where we all pretend to cheer
for more material wealth while ignoring the disparity.

A lifetime in handcuffs
is the literal metaphor of the history of people
just trying to survive the onslaught of injustice.
You may not understand that oxymoron-ic brand
until you find yourself on a loveless piece of land,

burning in the flames of your own forest fire, bloodless.
Trapped in the chains of repeating history, so lethal
that we choose to perpetuate the prison walls and bars
while hiding in our closets or living in our cars.

A lifetime in handcuffs
only serves to deepen the trench full of liquidated homes
and the Ocean full of tears from the avarice of the years
spent toiling in the factories while aching to the bones.

So forget the golden glint, and the Sea full of history
and forget the lifelong stint in the prison of our austerity,
and forget the loveless onslaught of lethal lands and chained-up hands.

Because the literal metaphor of a lifetime in handcuffs
is thinking you are happy while ignoring the disparity,
until you find yourself atop the blood-soaked sand
of the sinking man, finally aware of the irrational wake
left by the lifetime spent in handcuffs.


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