Thirty Thousand Kids Die

Thirty Thousand kids,

Every night

Starving, crying,


While you slept.

Doesn’t it anger you, knowing

We have food abundance today.

It’s rotting in the fields,

Being tossed out by grocers,

Wasted by the power elite, by business owners,

Withheld by power hungry money wielders.

Doesn’t it boil your blood knowing,

There is food abundance around us,

But going hungry is normalized?


What we do,

What you do,

It’s not enough.


There is no excuse.


A baby born today will witness

New York under water in their lifetime.

Will the West Coast be gone too?

Can we prepare for it accordingly?

Do you even care?


A housing crisis, again

It’s not affordable

For the working class.

For folks who pay the most just

To be.

For folks that struggle

Without options.

For folks hitting brick walls,

Lacking opportunity.


Doesn’t it anger you when you hear,

“give them free blankets.”

When We Should Be Hearing,

“Give Them Homes.”

There are more empty homes

Then there are homeless people.

Why don’t we give them a home again?

The homes owned by banks

Who hired the communities to build the homes.

Their blood, sweat, and sore feet committing to the labor,

Producing that wealth for whom?

For the bankers and wealth-eaters who don’t even work for it,

they just collect it.

Hard times hit the people.

Banks claim their greed.

Foreclose, repossess,

Screw communities,

Flip the finger to the people.

There are more empty homes

then there are homeless people.


What they do is a reflection on us,

On what we do,

What you do.

Doing nothing.

Stop justifying the

“is what it is” mentality.

What you do won’t be enough,

What we do won’t be enough,


There is no excuse.

We can feed, help, and house

Those in need. There is hoarded abundance,

Produced by you, me, us, we the working class.

We can stem the rising tides, make life easier

For our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

Why must they suffer because we did

Nothing to prepare for our changing environment?

We all know natural resources are finite,

There are alternatives, solutions to crises.


What we do,

What you do,

It won’t be enough,

For now.


There is no excuse.


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