We don’t look up enough. Making it to the moon meant technological discoveries that directly affected the medical, engineering, and computer tech industries. Thinking about space, about the universe opens our minds to new possibilities.

Reality Fragments

spaceWe used to look up.

I don’t know exactly who I mean by ‘we’. Maybe it was my generation, when we had seen man actually make it to the moon. Maybe it was people of my mindset.  I’d like to think it was my generation, with parents who had watched the original series of ‘Star Trek’ – and our generation who saw the original ‘Star Wars’. Or,  ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, or even, ‘E.T.’.

We used to look up. We used to stare at the stars, some of us, while laying in the grass.

I’ve spent most of the day watching this live stream, in the background, as I read and did other things. It’s beautiful. It’s amazing. And we take it for granted, we sit there staring at phones, communicating about little of worth.

The things of worth we do talk about are about how we can’t…

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3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. It is really nice.
    The ‘we’ in my brain ss human race. It’s the dreamers who are going extinct. It’s the believers who are trying oh-so-hard to believe. It’s the scientists who are trying to make something better of this world, or to find new ones. It’s the artists who are painting our world. It’s the authors who are writing our stories. It’s the composers who are making our sounds. It’s the humans who are looking at the stars. A lot of those humans, as you said, have stopped looking, but I am trying oh-so-hard to believe that one day ‘we’ will all be looking at the stars once more, if we just try…
    Thank you for posting this. It means more than what you can imagine to the people who read it.

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