Darkness Didn’t Fall

When you can’t stop floating,

Because if you do,



Memory, empathy.


When you keep your eyes closed,

But you still see everything.




It’s chronic, visits when it wants.

You never know, asleep, awake,




No pennies for any, most of them pass.

They segue, another turn, another tendril.

The delta’s there, then it’s here,

then it’s everywhere.


And some things, you forget,

But you try so hard to remember.

And some things you wish you could forget.


When that darkness falls,

You see yourself floating there.

No pain.

But, there’s fear.

Because you remember love.

Fear, you can’t see anything.

Fear because all you see

is yourself, floating in nothing.


When you hear that voice,

Open your eyes.

Wake up.







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